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Attestation of Personal/Educational & commercial certificates is the act of witnessing a certificate by authorised person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that, the specified certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular birth certificate is authentic.


Attestation/Apostille from MEA can be done after attestation is done from relevant state authorities. For Example in case of Educational Documents document has to be attested from concerned state education department first. In case of personal documents, document needs to be attested from concerned home department prior to MEA attestation.


An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of personal, educational or commercial documents.Apostille can only be issued for documents issued in one country party to the Apostille convention and that are to be used in another country which is also a party to the convention. Essentially, Apostille is an international attestation that is acceptable in about 92 countries, and most of the western world recognises Apostille.

Type Of Documents:-

Documents can be divided into three categories for attestation/apostille:

Documents -

Note: Please note that above mentioned list is not all-inclusive and can include more documents.

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